Running your rental business: A quick tip to avoid an insurance nightmare


Make sure that your business and personal names match up on your mortgages and rental properties.  If not, you could be denied coverage when you need it, based on a mere technicality.

Often this is not easy.  You will likely have to take out mortgages in your name, whereas your property will likely be transferred to, for example, your corporation or LLC.  Some mortgage companies will not let you change or add such information!  This sets you up for a financial disaster if something major happens to that property.  It would be horrible if the insurance company didn’t pay on your claim because the names don’t match!

I have found a way around this, and my insurance agent agrees that this is the way to go.  Simply include all the information on your insurance policy: the name that owns the property, took the mortgage, and holds the insurance policy.  If you bought the property under your name, lets say Mary Smith, and your business ABC Realty owns that property now, make sure that both Mary Smith and ABC Realty are listed on your insurance policy.  Problem solved!


2 thoughts on “Running your rental business: A quick tip to avoid an insurance nightmare

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